I see the world as one big 'net' of elements connected to each other, telling us of what is and what can be.

With our minds, we try to listen and remember, but unlike the teller, but unlike the world-net, that is made from being itself, ours net is made from something that often forgets. This creates holes that lets potential slip through.

 of what is and what can be. This net is made of a material that is perfect, just being itself. It will never.

our minds attempts to create a copy of this net, but it is made from a material with flaws.





In the moment that experience is lived, all its meanings are decided, but not necessarily realized.

Therefore, learning to fully realize all unrealized meanings, will redeem all meanings and revolutionize the world in the ways we have not yet realized.

As meaning, and thereby the world, is defined through connections, by recreating these connections and making them palpable, we can follow the path the connections make, to the world of a desired future.