The name LoTkram is a compound word of LoT and kram. LoT is an abbreviation of Laws of thought, and kram is a word that in Danish means 'having to do with'. Put together, LoTkram, of course, means: having to do with the laws of thought.

For some words, I am unsure whether I have used them correctly or not, so I have made this page to clarify what I mean by them.


Simply put, it is what makes sense/anything that is reasonable. / Anything that can be truthfully said


With capital o, One is similar to someone, but can never be used like: someone else. - One refers to a potential of each individual


The evoker of One's ideas and sense of meaning. (after will/intention)

Access to the perfect mind

a paradigm of education & invention

The tangible & palpable mind