The main problem to solve before making a mind-structure, is figuring out the laws of thought that determine these connections.

The question is: How do I explain causation through the mind-structure? 

Paradox: the past causes the future. But for anything to interact, they have to be in the same timeline..

The cause must be a thing that exists in both the past and the future.

- what does this tell about the 'body'? 

if I press a button that turns on the light, the pressing of the button is both part of the time where light is and isn't on..

'explaining' the mind-structure through mixing..

I have a liquid that I want to mix with something and then test it in every possible way.

The first mix will have to be available for all other liquids.  (isolating causes)/events)




Visualizing the 'core'..

with ropes, the experience that i want to denote, is the end of the rope that i pull up. The other is the denotion. 

The condition that i must solve after, will be the one that I pull-up.

Then, i need to make

the connections arrange 'themselves'..

maybe i can tell something on forces / materials  about using a 'stick' to pull up many...

I can connect each piece of rope by knots.

I have my hand, rope, and the pull - up, the lift. the hand is pull up, which moves the rope and the hand. 

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