The main problem to solve before making a mind-structure, is figuring out the laws of thought that determine these connections.

The question is: How do I explain causation through the mind-structure? 

Paradox: the past causes the future. But for anything to interact, they have to be in the same timeline..

The cause must be a thing that exists in both the past and the future.

- what does this tell about the 'body'? 

if I press a button that turns on the light, the pressing of the button is both part of the time where light is and isn't on..

'explaining' the mind-structure through mixing..

I have a liquid that I want to mix with something and then test it in every possible way.

The first mix will have to be available for all other liquids.  (isolating causes)/events)




Visualizing the 'core'..

with ropes, the experience that i want to denote, is the end of the rope that i pull up. The other is the denotion. 

The condition that i must solve after, will be the one that I pull-up.

Then, i need to make

the connections arrange 'themselves'..

maybe i can tell something on forces / materials  about using a 'stick' to pull up many...

I can connect each piece of rope by knots.

I have my hand, rope, and the pull - up, the lift. the hand is pull up, which moves the rope and the hand. 





In the moment that experience is lived, all its meanings are decided, but not necessarily realized.

Therefore, learning to fully realize all unrealized meanings, will redeem all meanings and revolutionize the world in the ways we have not yet realized.

As meaning, and thereby the world, is defined through connections, by recreating these connections and making them palpable, we can follow the path the connections make, to the world of a desired future.