Very concise: I think autistic people lend a lot of their power to words, but often has no returns.

The thing about 'living' in head---TR

Before that happens, you will run out of words.. If you don't its because the topics have been shifted..putting thoughts into words is more difficult the more something has been 'unfolded'.. assumption of intention..(subject) TR

As someone who had to go through ~20 years of undiagnosed Aspergers, I absolutely know what it is like to use effort in a society that isn't instilled for oneself, and have One's ambitions in a state of jeopardy, where every intent to save it seems unrelieved, '''despite having an intrinsic directedness towards them for as long as I can remember.''' 

 Just please don't assume that just because I am one the 'sidelines' that I am 'allowing' and upholding these states. Because I can imagine myself standing there, not because of the above, but because I envision myself just writing about how to make sense of the world and find meanings with a monk-like dedication. In fact, I can't really imagine anything else.. -Kimbra

While I have dropped out 4 times of school... You sholdn't listen to me because of a 'promise', but you sohuld listen to me because it makes you think for your own meaningfulness.

As someone who had to go through ~20 years of undiagnosed Aspergers, and 4 failed attempts at completing school despite having an intrinsic directedness towards understanding the world, I certainly know what it is like to grow up in a society that isn't instilled towards oneself, and I know what it is like to reach out for every possible explanation of my minds unreachability (both to and from), and still remain empty-handed. 

And like you, I love to think deeply about many things, and I love to uncover the deepest mysteries of the world, and I often feel a deep sense of love while I do it, or just when I am appreciating it. 

I just hope you don't lose your engagement with the world

In some ways, the goal of this site seems somewhat uncharming. - ''giving up'' on something tied so closely to our identity and meaningfulness of being  human and conscious beings - our thinking.

But One of the views that motivated me towards this, is the view that this also would allow One to put all attention into what One is experiencing right here and now instead of thinking so much about them- in a sense where the experience and appreciation of thinking is the sense/feeling that one has a large view of the world.. is right..... TR

I should not worry for ' right or wrong,,, dreams or not' - for it gives me something to think about, and thinking is what makes meaning.. and is meaningful.. what makes me conscious  etc..

-- I should not worry whether I am speaking to a zombie, whether it is conscious or not, and by extension dreams vs reality, as regardless, I am given a reason to think and something to relate myself to and find my position in the world, physical or not.

Any form of experience is a spawned land-mass/territory I am given the potential to find and eventually map (think through)..

The idea of talking to a machine often feels sadder than talking to a conscious being, but why exactly? - because there is a certain promise associated with conscious beings? 

The conscious being may have limitations on what can be said and not acctually manage to describe their eing anyway

I should first and foremost care about how my mind moves.


- the worry about something being propaganda or similar, has simiar feelings to a machine and the promise thing..

I think, because I somewhat believed everyone could  understand/see my thoughts somewhat telepathically (because of the 'outsideness-of-the-mass-ness, I thought like that because everyone else seemed to understand each other in ways I was blind to), and because I similarly thought everyone had essentially the same intentions and attentiveness as me, but because of the 'outsideness' I withdrew and examined all of my beliefs and worldviews, almost to the point where I felt completely adrift.

- I really think this has been a very great source for my thinking

Since I adopted this more adrift 'position' I have in a way hooked mself onto a point whre I can safely 'descend' from. This point serves as a standard or measure or whatever for what im going against... but it might be a bad thing or a good thing, likely not optimal..

I don't really consider myself as thinking in pitures or words... I just recognize things as a bare recognition, but this leaves me with no good medium to express myself in..

If eveyone could speak their mind exhaustively. many if not most people leaves beahind them an unnoticable small legacy o none at all. perhaps it could be meaningful for many to feel part of a 'collective mind', namely, the mind-structure..

Due to my aspergers.. I thought the reason everyone was different to me was because they had understood this insight that

allows the 'outlookers' to behold more of the elements included in the assumption-barren world, since a rising number of elements in this 'world', has a more-than-proportional relation with the total amount of possible meanings they may be a constituent of.

What can I say about non bit-sized numbers, such as pie etc.. If bit-sized is seen as a manulipative unit, then are those entities non-manupulative? Do they represent a sort of 'limit' to our perception? - perception because anything perceived would be thinkable...

Math is an underdeveloped language, which is why it seems powerful because it can only ever be used to denote already extremely simple conceptualizations, like spacings between each objec or counts of objects...

the relations between numbers could be because its a low resolution of life and it becomes simple to find low-hanging-fruit insights/rules, making it seem meaningful to replace thinking effort with the habits these rules 'intuit.' 

Only simple things are denoted in numbers, because it is tough to define complex things and see them as units. Making it diffuclt to actually count them and rely on the 'habits' of numbers.

The discovery of maths relation with physics, should really be seen as a discovery of improving One's wit. While still maintaing a feeling of realness and applicability, making us trust it, we put less effort into thought, for good and for bad. Good because the sense of beauty for these systems, bad because One's isn't as directly involved and the 'boringness' and lack of 'greatness' thereof..

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