I seek something that can withhold all information of the world in a way, where the information withheld in it is ready to undergo a thought process as we ourselves think through our experiences of the world - experiment or phenomena - and therefore also be able to proceed meanings / theories / inventions. Not necessarily something that can think for itself, but something like a 'puppet', where the 'puppetmaster' would have to 'pull the right strings' for this thing that I seek to perform the life-like act of thinking. - I suppose, like an exo-skeleton for our minds. The exo-skeleton doesn't make you move, it only supports your movements. Whatever that may fulfill this, or how-ever it might, I have named the mind-structure.

I like the analogy with the exo-skeleton because likewise to how the exo-skeleton has to follow our natural human-shape/ anatomy to properly support our movements, the mind-structure has to do the same, except, instead of supporting our muscles and movements of the body, the mind-structure would support our thoughts and movements of the mind, by of course, following the 'anatomy' of our minds.

And, the mind-structure will not require savvy technology to make but instead require a different worldview/outlook of the world and a simple pen & paper to express and manifest it. - Supposedly, very similar to how the worldview behind mathematics has come to be, and how it is being used today.

in the idea that One's mind exists as something that can be studied like any other phenomena/thing, the mind-structure is that thing. And similar to all phenomena, it can be drawn, modeled, and copied. But unlike literally all other phenomena, the mind can not be seen, heard, felt, touched, or otherwise measured. Then, how would One try to model the mind-structure? Do we even have a form of modeling for such things? Well, I will assume that we do, and that it can be done using our ability to recognize what is on our mind... aka, our language-abilities.

Now, the question instead becomes, to what extent can it be modeled? 

The mind is what is shaped our thoughts


, that is what I would like to figure out. 

First and foremost, we will have to agree that the mind-structure can indeed be recognized through our ability to recognize our thoughts, aka our language-ability. while the mind-structure can not be recognized through our senses, it can still be recognized through our inward-vision and our language-ability.


Inner factor as a way of strengthening the mind-structure and bettering Ones wit... -mediation

Access to the perfect mind

a paradigm of education & invention

The tangible & palpable mind