Ourselves, each other, from detail to the obvious, and the local to the whole. All conceivable is concieved in our minds, The more you conceive, the more of the mind you have..  idea to truth.

Expression of these are 

As the local is to the whole, I believe, an idea is to the truth. 

And just as a good view can be beautiful, so can a good view of the truth.

But to get a good view, one must be supported by 

And just as the former requires a supportive structure, so does the latter. But, building a supportive structure for the latter isn't as straight-forward as the former.





In the moment that experience is lived, all its meanings are decided, but not necessarily realized.

Therefore, learning to fully realize all unrealized meanings, will redeem all meanings and revolutionize the world in the ways we have not yet realized.

As meaning, and thereby the world, is defined through connections, by recreating these connections and making them palpable, we can follow the path the connections make, to the world of a desired future.