I call this 'the dream' because of how stark a contrast the 'destination' feels to live in compared to the current. And because of how ideal and simplyfied the methods to get there are.

Maybe you have had a dream where you, for whatever reason, find yourself in an almost unrealistic state of being pleased/content. Maybe you're in a field, by the coast, on the sea or whatever, the key point is, that they has this feeling of something enormous being lifted off your shoulders, leaving you feeling 'afloat' both in body and mind.

This entire project started out as the imagination of a single weight being lifted off, However, I later realized that this project has the potential to lift off many more weights than just one.

The first one, the one that started the all, is the dream of gettig rid of the weight of unconceived ideas

Then the one of perfect communication

Then the one of instant creative ideas to life

Then the one of instant answer to questions

not having to search for information

Each of these weights can be lifted by each their method, although some are quite similar and generally the same. Since they are similar each weight can be put into a category of weights with similar solutions.

The 2 big ones is mind-reading/telepathy and 

There are many impactful areas that has precense in all corners of every day life.

I haven't 

Access to the perfect mind

a paradigm of education & invention

The tangible & palpable mind