I'm not a very political or ideological person, and I'm not sure about any idealistic vision that is built around the promises of my philosophies, as I don't dare try to imagine other people's way of life, and I will not prioritize effort into figuring this out, as it is beside the philosophies themselves and in fact comes after the main philosophies anyway. 

However, there are some aspects of the world that are essential and necessary in living with other people. 

But, I have still thought I would write a bit about why achieving what I set out for would be ideal for my life and give me a kind of serene feeling of meaning and peace of mind, and how I imagine a lifestyle under those ideals. 

But, since I essentially seek to materialize the mind, any increment towards it will also increasingly shift our reliance for all ideas, from our own wits to the material and structure of the materialized mind,


on our own ability to manifest e, from ourselves to the material the materialized mind is upheld by.. 

my philosophies hope to completely 'palpatize' the mind, and as it becomes more so it will have enormeous effect of society..tr

but obviously, any thing which mayy empty the world of all its ideas will have major impacts on the dynamics of our interactions with each other.

-Everything can be drawn as having soem kind of shape. Even the most complex things.. so how do you draw 'extra' dimensions? and in that way also draw something as complex as an idea..? Where recognitions are a dot which in the analogy is a corner..

Access to the perfect mind

a paradigm of education & invention

The tangible & palpable mind