This site is about figuring out what can be said in language, how to say it, and how it can be used with ideas.

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I want to find a way to write down all my thoughts, no matter how complex those thoughts may be. I want to be able to do so clearly and in the moment I get them. 

I want to make a language where misunderstandings is impossible and the only way to formuate what is on mind, is the most concise and accurate. In other words; I want to come as close to mind reading as possible.

While I don't think I am able to directly transfer everything on my mind into yours, I believe that it is possible to 'transfer' my mind onto a medium which then can transfer directly into your mind.

Furthermore, as I believe succeeding in this also means succeeding in a fundamentally correct representation of the mind, I want the language to function as a mind.

''Functioning as a mind'', simply includes being able to 'think'.

I define thinking as using what is already known to get to somewhere specific. So the language isn't 'alive', but if it was, it would make perfect decisions.

I imagine the main perk of this being that whenever a new scientific discovery is made, by immidiately plotting the discovery into the language, it will be able to 'think' of all the possible innovations that may come of it.

Another perk is in education. 

- and then 'read' the entire internet and/or scientific databases.

walking with a finite speed vs teleportation

why do I want it?

Most noticeable in school and my social life, I've always had issues with figuring out exactly what people mean with what they say. In school and with school related topics, this is a big issue, because when the teacher would talk about a topic, instead of developing thoughts about said topic, I'd just hear a combination of words


I think that I've had my problems because for some reason, when growing up, I believed everything that the teachers were saying was about what I now call 'the laws of thought'.

What I mean with 'the laws of thought', is really just how I thought that society worked, at least regarding the STEM fields and innovation. I'd believed that any person who has some kind of authority was able to think perfectly. For example, if someone like a teacher would tell me something, then I'd really think that whatever the topic was, it would be perfectly explained to me.

What is language?

Language is about reflecting experience in some medium which readers of it should be able to interpret. 

What is experience?

For this, I have defined a term Thé, which stands for; Your experience right now. 

Formulation of the issue;

Can I denote Thé, so that upon reading it, I am able to recognize Thé as it was when I made the denotion?

Language of thought

Laws of thought