You can help me reach my goals, which is, in short: 

  • Building something to know all and think perfectly

  • Figuring out the 'state of today'

  • Solving my problems with education

  • Being able to work with my thoughts/writings full time.

If you feel you can help me, please contact me at Or you can talk with me at my discord:


To be more specific, I have written about every project in every category.



  • One thing that you can help me with in all topics is: tellling me what current material that exists about them and what fields/subjects they belong to.

  Know all & think perfectly /      the mind-structure

  • Understanding the principles that will make it work.

  •  Building a mind-structure.

  • Figuring out how to collect all available data.

  • How to interpret the data and translate them into a mind-structure.

​  State of today

  • how many resources do we spend on getting ideas, and compare it to how much we could save if we succeeded in building something that can do so perfectly?

  • how much, and of what kind, attention is the questions related to building a perfect mind getting.

  • how much effort are we currently putting into achieving these ideals?

​  Education

  • Making something that guides to the answer(s) of the question(s) that follows the answered question before them. 

  • Making a game based on mind-structures.

​  Financial independence

  • Living cheaply, but sufficiently.

  • Ways to make an income based on my thoughts/writings.





In the moment that experience is lived, all its meanings are decided, but not necessarily realized.

Therefore, learning to fully realize all unrealized meanings, will redeem all meanings and revolutionize the world in the ways we have not yet realized.

As meaning, and thereby the world, is defined through connections, by recreating these connections and making them palpable, we can follow the path the connections make, to the world of a desired future.