You can help me reach my goals, which is, in short: 

  • Building something to know all and think perfectly

  • Figuring out the 'state of today'

  • Solving my problems with education

  • Being able to work with my thoughts/writings full time.

If you feel you can help me, please contact me at Or you can talk with me at my discord:


To be more specific, I have written about every project in every category.



  • One thing that you can help me with in all topics is: tellling me what current material that exists about them and what fields/subjects they belong to.

  Know all & think perfectly /      the mind-structure

  • Understanding the principles that will make it work.

  •  Building a mind-structure.

  • Figuring out how to collect all available data.

  • How to interpret the data and translate them into a mind-structure.

​  State of today

  • how many resources do we spend on getting ideas, and compare it to how much we could save if we succeeded in building something that can do so perfectly?

  • how much, and of what kind, attention is the questions related to building a perfect mind getting.

  • how much effort are we currently putting into achieving these ideals?

​  Education

  • Making something that guides to the answer(s) of the question(s) that follows the answered question before them. 

  • Making a game based on mind-structures.

​  Financial independence

  • Living cheaply, but sufficiently.

  • Ways to make an income based on my thoughts/writings.

Access to the perfect mind

a paradigm of education & invention

The tangible & palpable mind