I want to make a learning platform where I'll be able to maximize my periods of interest and engagement. To achieve that, it must allow me to keep my attention as close to the thing that motivates me as possible. In pursuing that, there are a couple of boxes that it must checkmark.

  • It must show knowledge in a way that is straight-forward.

  • As learning the answer to one question often leads to new questions, it must be able to navigate me toward the answer to the new question, without forcing me to change attention while navigating.

I believe, that my philosophy about the mind-structure can be used to checkmark those 2 requirements. 

So, how? Well, imagine the ideal, that this platform will be able to (1.) show information in the most straight-forward way and (2.) Never force me to change attention, at all. 

What ideal method may achieve those? Mind-reading. Mind-reading would be the ideal because all knowledge will be read by the student with a telepathic clarity to it, and the teacher is able to telepathically notice all inquiries that the student has, so that the student's mind will be provided with immediate answer to his inquiries.

More concisely, it would be as if the student inhabited the mind of the teacher. 

Obviously, it would be a bit of a stretch to say that my mind-structures can be used to achieve such a level of learning, but there are a couple of reasons for why I believe there are similarities:

  1. As the mind-structure is defined as being the world itself, and the world is our experience, and experience our minds, by making a copy of the mind-structure, you can recreate it and make it out of something we can see and touch, which allows us to see all knowledge about the world in a similar way to how the world is seen through the teacher's mind.

    2. Having recreated the teacher's mind-structure into something palpable, the student can                     navigate the mind-structure in a similar way to how the teacher navigates his own mind.

On this page, I will explore these ideas.





In the moment that experience is lived, all its meanings are decided, but not necessarily realized.

Therefore, learning to fully realize all unrealized meanings, will redeem all meanings and revolutionize the world in the ways we have not yet realized.

As meaning, and thereby the world, is defined through connections, by recreating these connections and making them palpable, we can follow the path the connections make, to the world of a desired future.