Ever since I can remember, I have had an intrinsic directedness towards the topics of this site. Unfortunately, mostly due to a cluttered mind from having undiagnosed Aspergers for 19 years, and hefty sleep problems, I have been unable to follow it out to its end. It is a sort of tragedy I suppose, but this website allows me to still have some meaningful interactions with the world. 

I always needed someplace to unclutter my mind. This website could have been such a place.

Experiences are necessary for finding meanings in the world, such as inventions, theories, ideas, and other kinds of meaning-searching works attributed to the mind. In the search for meanings, proper descriptions of experiences are therefore essential, as they provide additional experiences/information to be thought through, and more meanings to be found.

I want to find a perfect way to describe experiences. And, I want a perfect way to think through them and realize all of their meanings. If it somehow isn't possible, I want to know why and then find the limits.

Because ->  All meanings are decided by experiences and in the instantaneous moment the experiences are lived, but they aren't necessarily realized. For example, a kind of experience - an experiment or phenomena - might be opinionated by respected authorities as perfectly understood, explained, and exhaustively analyzed, and this opinion may even be the consensus among a world-wide community of them, for decades or even centuries. But as it sometimes turns out, even these opinions/beliefs that seem nearly inconceivable to think of as not-right and taboo-deeming if One does, can have overlooked realizable meanings that are still withheld within unexamined parts of the otherwise excessively scrutinized experiment/phenomena, because the elements necessary to constitute these meanings are not found.

And, when these newly found elements and their meanings are discovered, they often bring with them a trembling amount of innovation, because, this new outlook of the world that is required to find the otherwise overlooked elements, is akin to finding overlooked elements almost everywhere it is applied. 

What I am, most of all, interested in, is figuring out a worldview/outlook of the world, so I can get to behold all elements of the world and get my chance to find and understand as many of their meanings as I possibly can. - why do I say so? Well, that is what the rest of this site is meant to explain.

But are these already settled issues?

- I don't know.

Growing up with undiagnosed Aspergers, I often thought, that the reason I felt different and struggled in school, was either because mostly everyone else already had a perfect outlook of the world and that I did not because I was dumb, since trough their more 'truthful' way of seeing the world, they had realized something that guides their different-than-mine behavior. Or, as I thought the purpose of life was to realize most meanings, and as I assumed school was meant to help me towards this purpose, I thought, that perhaps the teachers simply didn't think I was ready to learn about the perfect outlook, or that I just didn't reach a grade where it was taught. Either way, it made sense to think like this, because, to me, it seemed even more unthinkable to imagine other people and society as not having a directedness towards this purpose, or at least, not in the same way as mine.

Anyway, I bought a notebook to help me realize whether I had missed something essential or to comb out any misunderstandings I may have had. During this, I realized the example I gave above, which lead to the derailing realization that; instead of becoming a physicist and finding the laws of physics, I actually wanted to find what I most concisely can describe as the laws of thought, but then what should I become?

I can't seem to find satisfying answers because (I'd say) of having undiagnosed Aspergers for so long I have difficulties reading about it as I get too many ideas from the texts, in a way where I don't know which one(s) the author is trying to tell me about, or if I even got one right. (I suppose from always looking for something that wasn't there.)

For this reason, if you feel like you know how these thoughts of mine relate to the world, I would be very glad if you could tell me about it. It is, after all, a major reason I created this site.

What I would like to make:

I would like to make something, where overlooking parts of an experience only is done unintuitively - an outlook/worldview where each element of an experience is noticed and to realize each meaning just requires One to look further along One's intuition rather than requiring a new intuition.

In other words; I would like to make something, that ensures there is not a false sense of righteousness, so what happened in the example I gave, will not happen again, especially not on that scale.

To do this, I would like to make a kind of structure that is meant to help us in the search for meanings. This structure should be able to contain as much knowledge of the world as possible, highlight as many of their meanings as possible, and allow us to keep as good an overview of those as possible.

If this can be done exhaustively and perfectly, where all elements of an experience can be transcribed onto it, then, I believe, a special kind of such a structure can be made that I call for the mind-structure. I named it so because I see it as essentially being a palpable/tangible mind. - It would be a mimic of the way our own minds contains knowledge and the elements thereof, and it would highlight its meanings as if they were actual realizations brought by perfect and exhaustive thought. -- (Example of what I mean by this, by looking at an overview of all possible partitions of positive integers) - I would like to make this, because perfect or not, access to such structures could serve as a paradigm in this world where we, so to speak, paint the sky over with a picture of innovation. - Hence the title. - Especially regarding education, invention, and theorization 

To make such a structure; I will need to gain insights into two subjects:

  1.  the 'laws' of description - which finds the elements.

  2.  the laws of thought - which meaningfully weaves the elements together into meanings.

Personally, I believe they're very similar, but I still find it useful to discern between them.

Besides the more technical purposes of such structures, I would also like to write about their possible effects on the world surrounding them like, psychology, societal topics and ideology ETC.

For each subject related to these structures, I will make a page where I define what I mean by the subject, and then a page for my personal beliefs, and another for 'outside' beliefs.

Though, an exception to this is state of today, where I simply try to document all the steps and methods the modern world currently uses in the entire process from kids learning to researchers inventing and theorizing, and more generally, discovering meanings. And there, I will also discuss mathematics.

Having this site to write about my thoughts feels very therapeutic to me, as the topic is very intimate for me, and having them on display opens up for the possibility that someone reading them may help me forward. However, it also brings some worries with it: In the case that my ideas are novel, as I have dropped out of school, if, for some reason, my ideas become plagiarized, any claim that my ideas have been plagiarized seems indefensible due to my somewhat taboo status. 

If it turns out my ideas aren't novel, there still is reason for me to continue writing about them, as I strongly believe that the problems, solutions and hope that they stem from has extreme relevancy for the meaning-searching facilities. - As what I want most of all is just a simpler and more navigatable layout of the 'damned-if-you-don't'/necessary information required for meeting One's hopes and fulfillment of intentions. Could be any hope/intention, but to stay with the more technical topics, this includes such as inventions and theories ETC...

But, I don't know what place(s) in the world my ideas belong to and where my intrinsic directedness best can be followed out to its end, so please, if my ideas seem to dovetail with your own work or you know where it might, I would appreciate it greatly if you would notify me, as it is my best chance of doing anything meaningful with my work.

I will continue to formulate my thoughts on these topics, from notebooks to here, but after a long time with only having the thoughts about them exist in my head and in my notebooks, I am finding it somewhat difficult to formulate them in a more concise manner than in the more private language of my notebooks. In addition, as I still am developing some concepts and would like to weave them together with the rest as content on this site, I will probably not be as active on this site as I would be otherwise.

A picture of my face, from 2015. 


And below, one, mostly, of my notebooks, from 2019.


- Thomas Krammer.

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